About Me

Fashion is important to me. I love it, I’ve learned a lot about it over time and I plan to learn more. I know there are so many people who you’ve heard say this (and all of them are probably more fashionable than myself), but as I’ve been told, I have a good eye for taste. Notice I said taste, not just fashion and clothing.

I have high standards in terms of what I expect from fashion retailers (if you’re gonna make us pay so much for it then you better be ready to take responsibility). I don’t believe in the word “HATER“. People use the term so loosely and inappropriately. If you are going to claim the title of “designer“, then be ready to have people criticize your work. It doesn’t mean you are bad, it just means you did not put out a good outfit.

Apart from this blog, I have a Nigerian entertainment blog which I have been running since June of 2010, and to date it has gotten over 30,000 views It’s called “Kilonsparkles“. Check it out.

One Response “About Me” →

  1. Helen Weatherall

    May 16, 2011

    I’m happy to have found you and your blog.



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