Royal Wedding Fashion!

Posted on May 1, 2011


So the royal wedding has come and gone, and what an event it was. From the INCREDIBLE display of elegant British fashion, to the wedding festivities, it was definitely one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve seen internationally.

For this week, I decided to look into the weirdest fashions from across the pond, which I love, and what better fishbowl to look into than the royal wedding? For this reason, I stayed up all night and watched the event (seriously…everything). It started building up from when Prince William and Prince Harry left Clarence House for Westminister Abbey, and led up to Princess Catherine’s arrival. She rode with her father at the back of the Queen’s Rolls Royce (a gift with an exposed back so everyone could see her) from which she waved at the crowd…

…and when she came out, I was honestly breath-taken. Her wedding dress was made by the head of Alexander McQueen, Sarah Burton (which is weird ‘cos I kinda predicted it when I blogged about the feather), and it was stunningly simple. The dress was a mix of ivory lace and white silk. The lace featured hand cut flowers and was beautiful as she walked down the isle. Tradition forbids brides from revealing their shoulders and arms so I think she did a good job with the lace. It’s funny ‘cos people expected features to be shooting down her hoo-ha and duck feathers in her hair, but she shocked them with simplicity.

Anyway enough about the couple, on to the guests! Philip Treacy was the fascinator designer of choice for the event with over 30 notable guests wearing his pieces. For those that don’t know him, he’s the one that made the thunderbolt hat Lady Gaga wore to the Grammy Awards.

Let’s look at all my favorites:

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

Absolutely stunning! I’m NEVER one for wearing just one shade of a color, but the former “it-girl” socialite, (and personal friend of Prince Charles) totally killed it. If she wore this to a wedding anywhere else, I wouldn’t list her as a favorite because you don’t try to outshine the bride. But in a wedding featuring multiple Philip Treacy fascinators, she’s allowed.

Princess Eugenie & Princess Beatrice

I think Princess Eugenie is special…and not in a good way. This Vivienne Westwood dress does not work at all for her body even with the cinched waist. Her hat was also my least favorite. On the other hand, I love Princess Beatrice’s ensemble. Even with the website that was created to mock the hat, I think it’s gorgeous. That being said, they look like the wicked step-sisters.

Joss Stone

A simple elegant look from one of my favorite British-born singers. Didn’t even notice her at the event. She should’ve sang this for the royal couple.

Princess Amira Al-taweel

Her fascinator is cute. Not a fan of the rest though. The hair looks so heavy!

Zara Phillips

Stunning! The Queen’s eldest grandchild was one of my best dressed of the day. I love her grey fascinator…like two fascinators in one. 

The Beckhams

My favorite of the entire event! Victoria B. alone was enough to own the event, but with David’s sharply tailored suit, they slayed all the attendees. Victoria, four months pregnant as she is, wore 7-inch custom made Christian Louboutins! SEVEN INCHES! That’s bigger than some peoples pedicles! And let’s not go into the fascinator/top-hat combo. LOVE!

Princess Catherine & Prince William

As much as I love her wedding dress, I believe this gown and bolero combo she wore to one of the receptions is absolutely stunning. I love the blurry effect the bolero has and the gown is very elegant. Also, the Prince’s look is very dapper.

May they have a wonderful married life!

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