I Found the Weirdest Thing In My Bed…

Posted on April 28, 2011


So I went to shower, got back and got dressed for bed. As I laid down, I felt something tickle my ear and when I looked, I saw a yellow feather. It was weird, at first, but then I started picturing where it could’ve come from. I’d been home for the weekend so it’s possible that my roommate somebody had someone in my bed who left behind a token of their appreciation for using my bed. 

Anyhoo, the feather got me thinking of one of my favorite things…feather dresses…and the label that makes them like no other, Alexander McQueen. My mind immediately shot to this flawless gold jacket that they presented in their Fall collection either last year or this year:

It’s truly spectacular. The model looks like she is getting hugged by an angel with golden wings. Here are some feather wedding dresses by the design house:


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