Why So Skinny Though?

Posted on April 19, 2011


It’s like the most discussed thing in the fashion industry. Models, especially when they are starting out, are told almost on a daily basis that they are too fat to work and so they go on the most ridiculous diets to reduce in size (cotton wool in orange juice anyone?). Some of them adopt smoking, while some adopt more harsh measures (sniffing funny things and vomiting cotton wool). The model pictured above is named Isabella Caro. She died last year from anorexia at just 28 years of age. Another model, Luisel Ramos, collapsed on the runway during Uruguay Fashion Week a few years ago from starvation. 

From what I gather, models are supposed to look like cloth hangers so the skinnier the better. I don’t believe that’s true because I think women are more likely to buy an outfit ‘cos it looks good on a model, rather than because it’s hanging from a body. Just the other day I was reading the last issue of Vogue US and in it, Lara Stone was talking about being called a “plus sized model”. This is Lara Stone:

Such a thick girl right? 

All this leads up to this Nordstrom campaign I just saw featuring Nigerian born supermodel, Oluchi Onweagba-Orlandi, advertising SPANX! Keep in mind that this is a Victoria Secret runway and print angel…and she’s advertising Spanx. Check out the pictures before I go on;

I completely hate the pictures. I mean she looks sleepy half the time. Plus you have to agree with me that she is not the typical client for Spanx. Women who really need Spanx don’t have Victoria Secret bodies, do they? I’m not trying to call her anorexic, but I just don’t see how a Victoria Secret model with such a body is the perfect candidate to advertise slimming shape-wear.

Please, share your thoughts.

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